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Option 2

Getting the Ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre takes 5hrs 30 minutes.

The remaining journey is a similar route to the one we are planning to do.

Ferry cost is circa £350 return per vehicle

Option 3

Getting the Ferry from Portsmouth to Santander takes 23hrs 30 minutes.

The remaining Journey takes you through Valenica and Madrid into Guadix. Ferry cost is circa £450 return per vehicle.

Option 4

So, choose to fly instead from the UK to either the airports of Malaga or Almeria which takes around 2hrs 30 minutes flying time. Then just book a hire car in advance  for the 30 minute drive to Guadix

The Routes......

There are many routes that you can take from the UK to Guadix, the home of the race circuit we are going to. We shall cover off 1 or 2 ways to give you some options on how you wish to pursue this one off exciting event.

Everyone is welcome to join us, but be aware that you will need to sort out your own additional accomodation in advance and find something to do for the 1 day whilst we set up the track ready for the event. If not then you just need to take 1 day off the planned days below.

Our Planned Route......

DAY 1 -  Departing Calais in the morning circa 10am, following the 35 minute Eurotunnel journey we start our drive to Guadix The route will see us pass through Paris (potential photostop) through the lovely towns of Tours, Poiters, Saintes, Bordeaux* and the final stop close to Biarritz by the Pyranees Mountains.  You will need to source your hotel for a night here. See recommended links (coming soon)

*if you choose to this route yourselves you can stop at Bordeaux for the red wine making in this area

DAY 2 - After a little lie in and departing circa 930am we aim for the 2nd leg of the journey to Guadix. On the journey we pass through Burgos, Aranda, Madrid (potential photostop) and finally through Juan before arriving at Guadix. If you have booked the hotel with us then the evening is yours or perhaps join us for a drink or 3.

DAY 3 This is a day for yourselves, as we shall be at the circuit setting up. Up to you what you want to do - spend a few hours relaxing around Guadix, or a take a few hours drive to either Marbella, Roquetes del Mar or Almeria for some sun.

DAY 4 - TRACK DAY - Arriving circa 7am for the 1st track brief, we are here for the next 24 hours. Lunch will be served around 1pm. Further food will need to be provided for by yourselves, but the track itself has facilities.

DAY 5 - The end of the tail part of they track day ends. There are a few options here for you. Head off home, or find your own accomodation and rest for the remainder of the day or go sightseeing,

DAY 6 - The reverse of day 2 as we head back home for the first leg of the journey. You will need to source your own nights accomodation again near the Pyranees.

DAY 7 - The reverse of day 1 as we head to Calais (Via the Bridge pictured above for a photoshoot) and get the 35 minute Eurostunnel back into the UK before heading home.

The Eurotunnel is about £165 return per vehicle


Eurostar (Train)

Brittany Ferries

(Portsmouth to Le Havre)

(Portsmouth to Santander)

Direct Ferries

(UK to Calais)


(Flight to Malaga or Almeria)


(Flight to Malaga or Almeria)

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