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So, now you've seen what the plan is, what the route is and where the track is and now your all excited right? And you want to book - well we cant blame you! We are making this as affordable as possible for  you as best as we can. So we have several options based on the depth of your pockets or your requirements.

Even more exciting, is we are delighted to offer a payment scheme through Pay Assist. This enables you, to make 4 payments* to pay for the trip once your £50 deposit has been made (note this will attract 8% interest)

        £50 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS NOW BEING TAKEN via paypal TO                 

Please send as a gift otherwise it will be returned back. If we are unable to get more than 25 attendees this will be refunded back to you. No refunds will be made as this contribute to your finance. You will recieve an invoice for outstanding balance. Please include contact name.


To book and pay in FULL  please call  0121 356 2638  ask for Adam @Pumabuild, and quote the Guadix Track day. Selection the option/s you are wanting.

                                         The latest you can book for this event is 1st March 2021.

 Option 1 - You will have full access to the track for 24 hours. This is to use your own vehicle and includes track insurance and lunch which will be delivered to the circuit around midday.


Option 2 - As above but with 1 nights accomodation for 2 people for the night before the event. Any other nights required is to be booked at your own further cost. This offer is extremely limited, as we have booked the whole hotel out (25 rooms) be quick 

£465 including breakfast

Option 3 - Attending for just the day with lunch being provided for you which will be delivered to the circuit around midday and intending to use the Supercars


Option 4 - Attending for just the day as a Spectator or Media attendee with lunch being provided for you which will be delivered to the circuit around midday.


Option 5 - Additional Driver - An additional Driver who is already booked in Option 1 with access to the track for 24 hrs and with lunch provided. This can be added to the finance option.


Option 4 - Transporter - There is an issue with the height of the bridges apparently and are lower than the UK ones. In light of this, we can only get 8 cars on a Transporter but if enough demand we will get 2 transporters. The cost is for transportation of your vehicle to Guadix, and back to the UK.  The cost represents great value for money compared to paying for fuel, and tolls. This can be added to the finance option.

£625 per vehicle (£312.50 each way)

 You will be breathalised before going out on track- if you are over the limit you will not be allowed out.


*e.g Cost is £376.92  based on Option 1(includes Pay Assist 8% Interest £28 and after £50 deposit has been made)

1. First payment paid immediately of £94.23

2. Month 2 a payment of £94,23

3. Month 3 a payment of £94.23

3. month 4 a payment of £94.23

If you are unable to make the event, there will be no refunds. You will need to sell on your place. If cancellation is due to Covid19 then the vent will take place on another date - again no refunds will be given. This is because the 2 providers above are supplying the credit line and is non refundable as it classed as a loan. NO CREDIT CHECK  IS DONE

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