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Chris Arnott
Jul 22, 2019
In General Discussion
Hi All, new here to the forums, have been a long standing member of the Focus RSOC for sometime but thought i would come over to the dark side and introduce myself here. My car as some of you may know from fast ford / Instagram is a Mk2 Focus RS custom painted with all the logos / sponsors airbrushed back on the car. The currently running 426bhp with a syvecs ECU mapped by devil developments on a standard RS turbo with an engine build consisting of forged rods, pistons, flowed head, stage 2 cams springs and retainers built by Harvey Gibbs @ supreme car services. The car is currently down at devil developments for a precision 6466 turbo on a tubular manifold, new clutch and some fuel upgrades ahead of a mapping session to see what it will do.
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Chris Arnott
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